Food Indulgence in Asia

Yesterday, I returned from our trip to Asia. For me, a lot of the fun of being in Asia is the high quality of the food. We spend the first few days in Thailand and enjoyed the Thai Cuisine, which is one of my favorite cuisines. My absolute favorite dishes are Pad Thai (noodles) and Tom Yam (spice soup).
And then we moved on to Singapore, which is like I said in my last blog, food heaven… Unfortunately, I did not get to attend a cooking class at my favorite cooking school, but I did manage to sample a lot of the food in Singapore !

On Sunday’s most of the prestigious hotels in Singapore offer a champagne brunch. A champagne brunch typically takes place between 12:00 and 15:00. During that period you are served free flow champagne or if you prefer wine or port. The food is served in a buffet style with an unbelievable offering of food, the unbelievable extends to the types of food, the quantity and the quality of the food.

Last Sunday we went to the Beaufort hotel on Sentosa Island. We like the champagne brunch there, as you can sit outside on a large terrace. A lot of hotels have an even more extended food offering, but hey, there is a limit to how much you can eat…

The Beaufort buffet serves fresh sashimi, sushi, 3 types of oysters (I really liked the ones from New Zealand!), seafood (crab, tiger prawns), different salads and various types of bread. The Beaufort also always offers a variety of amuse style dishes, which I really like. My favorite was one with fresh tuna, lightly seared, on a bed of small mini asparagus.
Then there re is also a station, where fresh pieces of foie gras are pan seared on request. Mmmh (I know.. Sorry!!!, I will make a blog in the future about the specifics of this product and the discussion around it).

When I attend a champagne brunch, I prefer all these appetiser style dishes, as these are relatively light (yes it’s all relative….). Also I usually prefer appetisers as these tend to be more exciting, but maybe I am not giving enough credit to all the wonderful main dishes which are available as well;  there is lots of choice in Indian style food (tandoori) and Asian preparations of fish and meat.

To top all this off, there is a desert buffet, with a variety of deserts, ice cream and cookies.

As I said this is over-indulgence, but when we are visiting Singapore, it’s great to do a brunch like this. Especially as the quality of the food is so high. So if you happen to go to Singapore, do make sure you attend one! I can provide you with a list of hotels which offer the best brunches…

Of course we did much more then just this brunch, we visited our favorite Taiwanese restaurant, a beautiful new restaurant which served great rustic French food, a new Italian and more…

Now I am back, I have an enormous desire for healthy, light food.. For lunch I made a grilled vegetables salad with a goat cheese mouse. A perfect combination of tastes. You can also serve this as a starter, especially if you so do some work to make up the plate nicely, it can look really impressive (and colorful).

For the recipe in English copy this link in your browser:

For the recipe in Dutch copy this link in your browser:

Sorry, I am sure this can be done in a more intelligent way, but I have not managed to figure that out so far….

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