More Cordon Bleu!

Yeah, a final decision made… In November I will go back to Cordon Bleu! I will do the Intensif Intermediate Cuisine. I am just so excited about it!!

I extended my sabbatical with 2 months, I will start working again on January 1, but before that.. Cordon Bleu again. When I contacted Cordon Bleu in Paris, they first told me the class was already full booked and I would need to be wait listed. But within 2 hours I got another message, that someone cancelled and as I was top of the waiting list, I could get in.

So what does intermediate cuisine mean?

At Cordon Bleu there are 6 certificate programs, if you finalise them all, you receive a so called ‘grand diplome’.  There are two streams; cuisine and patisserie. Each stream has 3 levels; basic, intermediate and superior.

Basic, is really what is says, it’s learning the basics of either cuisine or pastry. For cuisine, this involves various basic techniques (cutting, making sauces, working with meat and fish). And there is a lot of focus on organisation, preparation and planning. The dishes are rather basic.

Intermediate focuses on the regional French cuisine. You integrate the techniques you learned in Basic cuisine. There is a lot of focus on presentation, and the techniques become more advanced.

Superior is the real fun level, as this is where you learn to develop your own recipes, the cuisine is less classic and the approach is much more personalised.

Normally a level takes 3 months, and its set up to combine cuisine and patisserie. A lot of people only follow either cuisine or pastry and thus the 3 month set up is fairly relaxed, as there is quite some free time. I have chosen for the intensif programme, this means the level is followed in 5 weeks, where each day you have 6-9 hours at school, 6 days a week.

I managed to do this in the summer in the midst of a heatwave, so I am sure in winter I should be okay as well.

To be continued….

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